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Products and Services At-A-Glance

Ms. Ho is dedicated to assisting individuals and small business owners plan for their future financial needs by providing access to an array of products and services including:

  • Life Insurances (Terms, UL, IUL VUL, Whole Life, Survivorship)  

  • Mutual funds-( Large Cap Growth/Value, Small/Mid Cap Growth/Value, International Equity, Asset allocation, Target Date, Sector) 

  • Annuities -(Immediate, fixed, indexed, variable, group) 

  • Long term care and Disability Insurance 

  • Stocks 

  • Retirement and Tax-Advantaged Accounts 

  • College savings funds-529 plans, Coverdell Education Savings Account 

  •  Health Insurances  

  • Diversification/Risk Management 

  • Dollar Cost Averaging