About Lily Ho



About Lily Ho


Lily Ho offers access to hundreds of mutual funds, variable annuities, VULs, Life insurances, and professionally managed portfolios. Instead of worrying about short-term market indicators, the investment companies that Ms. Ho works with provide financial tools that will integrate into an investment strategy suited to your long-term needs.



What We Do.


Ms. Ho works with each client to develop a personalized financial strategy that keeps important,long-term goals in focus despite potential temporary marketvolatility.With  years of experience, she can help you stay confidentthroughperiods of uncertainty created by fluctuating domestic and foreign markets.


Ms. Ho assists her clients to reach work toward their financial objectives by:

  • Listening carefully toeach client's investment goals
  • Assessing each client's tolerance for risk
  • Providing customizedinvestment adviceto assist clients in meeting their investment goals
  • When appropriate, offering financial products designed to add diversification, consistency and market opportunities to her client’s portfolio